Mrs. J. Hall 

    Mr. Woods


    Ever watch the show Jeopardy? 
    Academic Bowl Team is based on this but there is no choice of categories are involved.
    Questions are all over the place.



    The goal of the Lakeside Academic Bowl Team is to promote academic excellence by encouraging organized academic competition. Due to the nature of practice and competitions, membership is limited. 



    What is this team about?

    Students with an incredible knack for trivia and knowledge across the academic curricula, who are really QUICK, form the team. They compete with other schools in a fast paced question and answer format at local schools. Five kids go against five kids from another school…. Our best and fastest kids make up the team, but occasionally, we have some sub out to give others play time. Depending on the students who try out, we may add a novice team to attend competitions.  

    **The Competitive Season for Academic Bowl will be October – February.  


    How do I join?

    This year you can join as a new member. You can come and enjoy the practices once the team is formed, but you don’t “join” the team, you are selected. The “club” part is some fun as you come to the practices and see if you fit into this high energy group and want to develop the skill to compete. It takes drive and ambition to work to this level.



    What is expected if I make the team?

    You need to come to practice each week. You must work on your skill base on your own. This includes studying up on a focus point so you become an expert in a certain area that will benefit the team. 

    Team Practices will be held
    - during FLEX time Tuesday-Friday in Mr. Woods Room
    - before school during the Competitive Season



    Here are some areas of expertise:

    Sports, Current Events, Music- contemporary and all the rest, Broadway, Great Artists, Presidents, States and capitals, Authors, Novels, Facts related to Leaders in the USA TODAY, Earth, Physical and Life Sciences, Wars in America, Wars in Europe, Leaders in Europe, Asia and the UK, trending businesses in technology, Math, Geography at every level, including rivers, mountains, states, countries, islands, and so on…



    What are the fees for?

    The cost is still be determined, but in years past it was $50 to get a t-shirt and the rest is used for fees to competitions, which run $60-80 per team that attends, question banks, and equipment.


Last Modified on August 4, 2021