Ms. Amy Petrella and Ms. Christy Meyer


    Do you like trivia?  

    Are you able to answer general knowledge questions quickly?  

    If so, Academic Bowl might be the club for you!

    Academic Bowl is an all-subject, buzzer-based academic quiz competition for middle schools. Academic bowl teams will compete in regional competitions. 

    Academic Bowl will also compete in on-line competitions.


    All Academic Bowl rounds are played with a lockout buzzer system and feature pyramidal-style tossup questions that progress from more obscure to more familiar information. Students ring in when they believe they know the answer; if they are correct, they get points for their team.  If not, the other students have a chance to answer.  The top teams from the combined preliminary rounds advance to the playoff rounds to determine the champion.

    Who can participate?: Academic Bowl try-outs will be held in the fall for any interested 7th and 8th grade students.  Qualifying students will practice during monthly flex time sessions, and some morning sessions, to prepare for competitions. 


    Academic Bowl will have a fee (amount to be determined).  The fee will go towards competition entries and club t-shirts.



Last Modified on September 1, 2023