Math Counts 

    Ms. Amy Petrella and Ms. Christy Meyer


    Do you love solving math problems?  

    Are you able to answer a variety of math questions both mentally and by working out problems?  

    If so, MathCounts might be the perfect fit for you!


    Practices & School Competitions

    Schools register in the fall and coaches prepare their students using resources provided by MATHCOUNTS. Starting in November, coaches administer the School Competition either unofficially or officially to select chapter competitors.


    Chapter Competitions

    Local schools compete in 500 chapter competitions across the country. Schools can send up to 12 competitors: 4 competitors who take both team and individual rounds, plus 8 students competing individually. 

    State Competitions

    Top students from each chapter advance to their state competition, taking place in all 50 US states, plus territories.


    National Competition

    The top 4 individuals from each state receive an all-expenses-paid trip to the Raytheon Technologies MATHCOUNTS National Competition. These 224 competitors form 4-person state teams, plus compete individually for the title of National Champion.


     Math Counts try-outs will be held in the fall for any interested 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students.  Qualifying students will practice during monthly flex time sessions, as well as some morning sessions, to prepare for competitions. 

    Math Counts students will also participate in additional on-line and in-person competitions this year.  More details will be sent home as dates and times are finalized.

    MathCounts will have a fee (amount to be determined).  The fee will go towards competition entries and club t-shirts. 


Last Modified on September 1, 2023