Perched on a hill above James Creek, Riverwatch Middle School, part of the Forsyth County School System, serves the southeastern Forsyth community.  The school, established in the fall of 2003 and officially opening its doors for students the following year, developed a culture of excellence in academics, athletics, and service from its very beginning and includes State School Superintendent Awards as well as Gold and Platinum distinctions for student performance, achievement, and progress. 


    We believe that, “Together we LEADLearn, Exceed, Achieve, and Dream.”  From  teachers, to students, to parents and business partners, we believe in collaboration to expand opportunities for students that will help them achieve their dreams.  Through high expectations and strong system collaboration, the school community is working to help students succeed to prepare to be members of tomorrow's work force where problem solving, creativity, and technology will drive growth and prosperity.


    At Riverwatch, we make it our mission to assure that all students reach their maximum potential by providing high quality instruction, focusing on effective communication skills, nurturing healthy relationships and community ties, and fostering well-rounded, life-long learners.   

    Riverwatch holds several beliefs in our hearts as we work with our students and community.  Each statement centers around the notation of developing a happy, healthy, and hardy environment for all.  As a result, we believe . . . 

    . . . a happy environment is one in which all stakeholders develop self-efficacy so that everyone is able to grow and thrive.

    . . . a healthy environment is one in which a focus on development of a healthy mind and body through nurturing self and others is a priority.

    . . . a hardy environment is one in which our resilience allows us to overcome challenges, is a product of the support from others, and helps us to maintain balance and flexibility.

    It is our belief that by developing a happy, healthy, and hardy culture for all we will maximize student success not only within school, but throughout life. 


    Riverwatch provides a rigorous curriculum that challenges students to think and perform at high levels focusing on Webb's depth of knowledge questioning, along with speaking, listening, reading, and writing in all content areas. As an extension of their core learning, connection courses provide the students an opportunity for real world application. To further enhance the middle school experience, Riverwatch offers team sports and a myriad of diverse extracurricular activities.


    It is our school goal to continue student academic success. Recent awards that celebrate our student achievement include being named a 2009 Georgia School of Excellence, as well as a 2019 Platinum Award recipient from the Governor's Office of Student Achievement, and recently named a 2017 National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. 

    It's Great to be a Panther!
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