Director: Sheila Seal

    E-mail Sharktimek5@gmail.com

    Hours of Service

    Shiloh Point After School Care will be available beginning directly after school until 6:00 pm daily.

    **During early release days, the program will run from 11:50a.m. - 6:00p.m. at no additional charge. Sharktime will not be open during school holidays or in the event of inclement weather.**

    Parent Pick up
    Release of students will be allowed to the parents or other authorized persons only. Students must be signed out by the authorized person at pick up daily. The student’s teacher is to be notified in writing of any changes regarding pick-up procedures. For the safety of your child, a picture I.D. will be required for pick up until our staff is familiar with the parents and other authorized adults who pick your child up daily.

    If you are late for pick-up, the cost will be $1 per minute per child (FEE MUST BE PAID UPON PICK-UP). Three late pick-ups or more may result in dismissal from the program.

    Registration forms for Sharktime will be available at Open House on Tuesday, August 1st . We will be set up in the Cafeteria to take registration then. Early registration was made available for only those students who were enrolled during the 22-23 school year and whose payments were in good standing. There is an annual registration fee of $65 per child. For families with more than one child participating, the registration fee is $65 for the first child and $35 for each additional child. All registration payments are due when you complete your form.

      Weekly Tuition
    As you are reserving a space in Sharktime, the cost is $75 per child per week, regardless of days or weeks attending. Payment is due EVERY week. https://www.schoolpay.com/ 


    If you have any questions or would like additional information about registering for Shark Time, please contact Sheila Seal.