• Welcome to the speech and language department at Shiloh Point Elementary!

    At Shiloh Point, all speech-language pathologists serve students identified with disorders in communication due to a delay in the student’s acquisition of speech and/or language skills.

    Ø  Speech Disorders Include:

    ·   Articulation – difficulties with the production of speech sounds (i.e. saying ‘thun’ for ‘sun’)

    ·   Voice - difficulties with pitch, volume, or the quality of voice. 

    ·   Fluency - disruption in the rhythm of speech also referred to as stuttering.

    Ø  Language – involves the inability to communicate effectively with peers or adults.  Students may have difficulties understanding the use and/or meaning of words appropriately, expressing their thoughts and ideas verbally or in writing, using inappropriate forms of grammar, understanding what was read, and/or problems in following directions to complete an assigned task. 


    Early intervention is key for treating speech and/or language disorders. Speech/language pathologists help students identified with difficulties in communication by providing individual/group therapy, consulting with the classroom teacher, and working with the family to incorporate effective techniques at home.


    Steps to Register 3 & 4 year olds for a Speech Evaluation Through Forsyth County Schools 


    If your child is 3 or 4 and you think he or she needs a speech and or language evaluation please register them at the Forsyth County Hill Center.  


    Hill Educational Center

    136 Elm Street

    Cumming, GA 30040



    At the Hill Center, you as a parent can request an evaluation and register your child for a speech and language evaluation.  After your child is registered, the county will send your paperwork to the appropriate school for assessment and therapy if needed.