• Fencing

    Club Faculty Sponsor:
    Mr. Drew Ferrer, Athletic Director

    Club Overview
    The Lambert High School Fencing Team strives to raise awareness of fencing, introduce students to the sport, and prepare them for fencing in college and beyond.  We are members of the Georgia High School Fencing League (GHSFL) and participate in the tournaments sponsored by this organization.  For more up-to-date information, including registration forms, please go to https://lambertfencing.wixsite.com/lambert-fencing-team.

    Practices focus on stretching, conditioning, footwork, and bladework. We also participate in open fencing with electronic scoring systems. Fencers have the option to participate in monthly tournaments.  Our Head Coach is Sun "Annie" Lee.  Coach Lee works with the Olympic Fencers Club (OFC). 

    Practice Times
    Thursday 4:15 - 5:20 pm from August through January in the LHS Cafeteria.
    Tournament Schedule
    • Round 1: 9/16 @ Alpharetta HS
    • Round 2: 10/14 @ Pope HS
    • Round 3: 11/4 @ Campbell HS
    • Round 4: 12/9 @ Milton HS
    • Round 5: 12/16 @ Walton HS
    • Round 6: 1/20 @ Lassiter
    • Individual Championships: 2/3 @ North Springs
    • Team Championships: 2/10 @ Lambert HS

    If a fencer signs up to participate in a tournament and does not attend, there is a $10 No-Show Fee. 

    Registration Information
    Registration Forms - Please print the following forms and complete all information and make sure to have both parent signatures (If there is only one parent, indicate on the second signature line) and bring all completed forms along with your Club Dues and Uniform & Equipment Payment (new fencers) to the first practice.

    IMPORTANT: You will not be allowed to participate at the first practice without your completed forms and payment!!!



    ANNUAL CONCUSSION FOR STUDENTS COURSE (complete free course and print certificate)

    INSURANCE & PARTICIPATION VERIFICATION FORM - *** Must also provide a copy of your Insurance Card ***


    Club Dues

    Club Dues are $450 for the entire year. Payment is collected in two installments of $225 in August & October, or you can choose to make one payment for the full amount in August. Payment is due at the first practice in August - please make checks out to LHS FENCING.

    The Club Dues fee pays for the following:

    • Coaching Fees

    • Tournament Entry Fees

    • Directors' Fees

    • League Dues/Insurance

    • Team T-Shirt/Socks

    • Tournament Hosting Costs

    • Sponsor Fees

    • End of Year Party, Awards, and Gifts!

    Uniform and Equipment

    Fencing Uniform & Equipment Cost (new fencers)- $492 (this will be handled by Coach Annie at OFC, or you can ask Coach about using other vendors.)

    The fees include the following:

    • Mask

    • Fencing jacket and pants

    • Plastron (underarm protector)

    • Chest protector (women)

    • Fencing glove

    • Electric epee (and spare if you have one)

    • Body cord (and spare if you have one)


    Fencing Club Lettering Qualifications (at the discretion of the Club Advisor and Coach as well):

    • Make it to the top 16 in at least one regular season tournament.
    • Attend 75% of the Regular Season Tournaments (normally, we have 7 regular season tournaments, so members could miss one).
    • Attend 75% of practices.
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