• FCS Digital Learning Continuum
     FCS Digital Learning Continuum 
    Extended Learning.  The district has used a learning management system (LMS) the infrastructure for digital learning since 2002.  For the 2014-2015 school year, FCS will use itslearning (ITSL) for all grade levels in its brick and mortar school buildings. The students access digital content within the LMS from home or school to support their learning within the face-to-face classroom.  This practice extends learning opportunities beyond the school environment.

    Blended Learning.  FCS is the first major school system in the southeast to adopt a blended learning approach system-wide.  Teachers and students use a suite of tools to develop collaborative learning communities with itslearning being the hub of the Blended Learning environment.  The teachers take advantage of this platform to organize units of inquiry mapped to standards; teachers also present content, communicate with students, and develop assessments.  Students utilize their own devices to access this system to communicate with each other, complete assignments collaboratively and individually, and post their original work.

    Hybrid Learning.  Some FCS students are enrolled within face-to-face schools but complete online classes for part of the regular school day. FCS uses Apex Learning, Georgia Virtual Schools and Forsyth Virtual Academy for hybrid learning  Some reasons for this hybrid enrollment are due to credit recovery, scheduling, and expanding course options. Click here to learn more about Georgia Virtual School classes.

    Virtual Learning.  In 2010, FCS opened Forsyth Virtual Academy.  This school is Georgia's first full-time online school operated by a public school district that offers a high school diploma.  FCS employs and trains its own teachers for this virtual school.  ForsythVirtual Academy is open for students in grades 6-12. This school offers students the opportunity to engage in a digital learning environment to achieve their individual potential through innovative, flexible, socially-connected, and student-focused education. 
    Personalized Learning. FCS was selected by the U.S. Department of Education as one of 49 grantees for a 2010 Investing in Innovation Fund (i3) grant.  FCS is the only recipient in Georgia and one of twelve public school districts in the nation to be a grantee.  This transformational system eclipses the current paradigm that results in silos of data, replacing it over time with a fully integrated system, extended to include standards-based learner plans and a content management system where activities and resources are matched to students' current performance level and individual learner characteristics. This system will be viewed in a user interface that engages learners as well as teachers, leaders, and parents. Although the grant has concluded, FCS continues to use the platform and has now shifted the focus to aligning teaching and learning with technology. 



Last Modified on October 18, 2016