• Art Education

    Welcome to the Art Education Curriculum Page for Chestatee Elementary School.
    Through visual arts, we can explore so much in the world.  Everything we see has line, shape, texture and form.  In our class, we explore art elements, principles and techniques of the visual arts.  Through various projects, we are able to create using different mediums and materials and have fun while learning!
    Our elementary art programs in Forsyth County are aligned with the Georgia Performance Standards and National Art Education Standards.  Each grade level has standards for mastery.  Within each standard, those components are built upon and expanded for the student's grade level.  With each project we complete, there are 5 art standards that we teach.
    ART STANDARDS for each grade level:
    The student engages in the creative process to generate and visualize ideas. (National Standards 2 and 3)
    The student understands the visual arts in relation to history and culture. (National Standard 4)
    The student creates artworks by applying media, techniques, and processes to formulate and express his or her ideas and conceptual understandings. (National Standard 1)
    The student critiques works of art while reflection upon and accessing the characteristics and merits of his or her artwok and the artwork or others. (National Standard 5)
    The student makes connections to other disciplines and the world through visual arts. (National Standard 6)
    For any questions, comments or compliments, please contact:
    Julie Hubbard
    Art Teacher 
    Thank you for your support of our Art Education program at Chestatee!