• Counseling Department’s Resources for Parents    

    We have books and video resources available for you to check out through our Media Center. 
    A Parent's Guide to 2nd Grade  How to ensure your child's success.
    A Parent's Guide to 4th Grade  How to ensure your child's success.
    All about Attention Deficit Disorder Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment: children and adults.
    Assertive Discipline for Parents A proven step by step approach to solving everyday behavior problems.
    Backtalk Four steps to ending rude behavior in your kids.
    Boost Your Child's Self-Esteem Simple, effective ways to build children's self-respect and confidence.
    Difficult Questions Kids Ask About Divorce  The hidden messages behind the questions and how to answer them with honesty and love.
    Discipline With Dignity A positive approach to discipline.
    Getting to Dry How to help you child overcome bedwetting.
    Grandma's Wisdom Tips for mothers to use to help daughters improve self-esteem (English/Spanish)
    Guiding Your Child Through Grief Helps reader understand the many ways children grieve.
    Help Your Child Read to Succeed It will give you the information and confidence to help your child read and succeed.
    Helping Your Kids Cope with Divorce It covers problems faced by children of divorce and the reactions you can expect age by age.
    Hidden Messages What our words and actions are really telling our children.
    I Refuse to Raise a Brat Find the balance between what you give your child and what you expect from them.
    Improve You Memory Skills A fun filled interactive "how to" workbook full of multi-sensory strategies to develop  memory skills.
    Improve You Writing Skills This book uses an easy to follow, step by step approach to writing.
    Is My Child Overtired?  The sleep solution for raising happier, healthier children.
    Kids are Non-Divorceable Guide for adults to assist children through the divorce process.
    Mike was Here Warm and appealing story for parents, grandparents, and others who know and relate to children.
    Parenting Children with Learning Differences Great information and handouts for parents and child (Notebook-video missing)
    Positive Discipline A-Z 1001 solutions to everyday parenting problems.
    Positive Discipline for Single Parents Nurturing cooperation, respect and joy in your single-parent family.
    Raising Adopted Children Practical, reassuring advice for every adoptive parent.
    Raising Kid Who Don't Smoke Talk to your Kids they'll listen.
    Raising Responsible Children Good strategies and handouts for both parents and child. ( Notebook - video Missing)
    Read To Me Raising kids who love to read.
    Reading Rescue 1-2-3 Raise your child's reading level 2 grades with this easy 3 step program.
    Seven Strategies for Developing Capable Students A proven program that helps every child succeed.
    Special Kids Need Special Parents A resource for parents of children with special needs.
    Stand Up For Your Gifted Child How to make the most of kid's strengths at school and at home.
    Stop Struggling with Your Child Quick-tip parenting solutions that will work for you.
    Taking Care of Me How and why you need to take care of yourself so you will be able to take care of your children.
    Taking Charge of ADHD The complete authoritative guide for parents.
    Teaching Your Children Responsibility Ways for you to give your child the tools he or she needs to thrive in today's challenging world.
    The Involved Father Family tested solutions for getting dads to participate more in the daily lives of their children.
    The Parent's Handbook Solutions to today's most common behavior problems in the home.
    The Scared Child Helping kids overcome traumatic events.
    The Words Can Heal How changing your words can transform your life and the lives or others.
    Time-In When Time-Out Doesn't Work  Systematic training for effective parenting.
    What to do about your Child's Moods and Emotions Strategies that have worked for parents and kids
    What to do When kids are Mean to Your Child A guide to books and movies that build character in boys.
    What To Do…to Improve Your Child's Manners Real strategies that have worked for parents and kids.
    When your Child Hates to Read Real solutions
    A Parents Guide to Second Step    # 1 Parenting strategies for a safer tomorrow.
    A Parents Guide to Second Step    # 2 Parenting strategies for a safer tomorrow.
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