Cumming Elementary School Counseling Program


    BE a problem solver                BELIEVE you have a purpose              BECOME a world changer



    The Cumming Elementary Counseling Department believes in the personal potential of each student.  One of the many services offered by your student's school counselor are small groups. These groups meet weekly or biweekly for approximately 6 to 8 weeks. The sessions are designed to help students improve their classroom behavior, support academic progress, assist them in gaining insight into themselves and others, enhance self-concept, and achieve skills in problem-solving, decision making, and social interaction.  There are many reasons a student may be referred to join in a small group. Teachers, family members, or school counselors may refer a student if we see they may need additional support or could be a peer leader for others. Students may even refer themselves because they enjoy the activities that make social-emotional learning fun!
    We offer many different small groups throughout the school year. If you would like to learn more about current or future groups, please reach out to your student's school counselor. 
    Brittany Tuz
    770-887-7749 x. 740617
    Small group topic examples:
    Newcomers: for students who are new to CES
    Changing Families: for students experiencing changes in their home life such as separation, divorce, or death in the family
    Cougar Control: for students who need additional skills in self-regulation 
    Self Esteem: Builds a sense of confidence within each child by finding their unique personal strengths