• Forsyth County Schools' website is the district's primary electronics communication tool. The site receives millions of visitors and has been recognized with numerous awards from the National School Public Relations Association, the Georgia School Public Relations Association and WantToTeach.com.


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    Website Guidelines

    The Public Information and Communications Department manages the district and school websites through Blackboard Web Community Manager (WCM). All schools, including student/school activities, and district departments MUST use Blackboard WCM for website hosting and content management. Student/school athletics/clubs that are separate 501c3 may use external sites. Designs and layouts are preset by the Public Information and Communications Department for district consistency and branding.  

    Writers/posters to websites MUST be employees of FCS.  All schools and departments must designate one staff member annually as the web manager of the school or department site. Principals can designate additional staff, including themselves, to have news posting privileges on the school home page. Technical service requests should be submitted to the school web manager, who is authorized to contact Blackboard WCM, while district departments should contact Lakeisha Mose. The Public Information and Communications Department provides Blackboard WCM training for staff members that serve as web managers.

    Logos, Graphics and Font

    Each school website must prominently display the school logo. All school logos are property of Forsyth County Schools and cannot be modified or replaced by school staff. Requests for design revisions must be requested by the school principal to the Public Information and Communications Department. 

    To ensure that school and district websites are in accordance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA, as well as U.S. Section 508 standards, all images must have alternate text; no images of text or blinking images and animations are allowed; video and audio files must have meaningful descriptions; color choices must have the proper contrast (black font); and links must be descriptive.

    Employee Expectations

    Within Blackboard WCM teachers are provided subject or curriculum team, and school-sponsored activities pages available to share information with students and parents. The website also has the ability to post blogs, surveys, calendar items, and news.

    Information must be current. Writers/posters should review pages on a weekly basis and remove outdated information or broken links. At a minimum, websites should be updated at the start of each new school year and at the conclusion of each of the 9 week grading periods (including prior to summer break).

    Editors must follow the Responsible Guidelines and information on the web must relate to academics or administration of other district-authorized activities. Commercial, for-profit or political content and links are prohibited unless the business is a school or system approved Partner in Education.

    Links to external web pages that are educational in nature or connected to FCS, such as athletic booster clubs and PTA/Os, are permitted on school and district websites. External sites must be reviewed by the school, the staff member that adds the link to the page, or the Public Information and Communications Department. FCS is not liable for links to any sites externally hosted or managed.

    Personal information about staff and students, including personal businesses, and links to staff or student’s “personal” web pages/blogs/wikis/social media sites are not permitted on the school or district website.

    Student Information, Work, and Pictures

    Web pages hosted by FCS may contain a reference to a student if publicity consent has been given by parents (see Infinite Campus to verify). This includes references to students in photographs, videos or in text.

    If elementary schools decide to not use a student’s full name, then it is recommended that the schools use the student’s first name and last initial on web pages.

    Unauthorized use of copyrighted material is prohibited. All copyrighted material must be properly cited using standard citation information. Giving credit (web address or active link) to a company or individual (celebrity, for instance) that has created text, a graphic, etc. for a school page may be allowed, assuming the site is not blocked by the web filtering hardware and software.

    External Web Users: Contact the district web manager if you see an error or broken URL. Please be sure to include the page URL and name of page.

    Internal Web Users: Technical service requests should be submitted to the school web manager/ITS, who is authorized to contact Schoolwires. 
    Disclaimer: Although the Forsyth County Schools' website may include links providing direct access to other internet resources, including websites, Forsyth County Schools is not responsible for the accuracy or content of information contained in these sites.