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    The mission of FCS Media Services is to provide quality materials and learning experiences designed to equip students with the skills to adapt and thrive in a changing global environment. Our media centers are essential interactive collaborative learning environments and are ever evolving to provide equitable physical and virtual access to ideas, information, and learning tools for the entire school community. We provide students with opportunities to become both lifelong users of information and constructors of knowledge. We support the Georgia Standards of Excellence by developing collections that both support literacy instruction and a love of reading.



    Not too long ago, libraries were places that housed resources, and librarians were those who checked out books and maintained book collections. Today so much information is digital, and resources can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Libraries have turned into media centers and are rapidly evolving into learning commons where new technologies are becoming available at such a fast rate many find it difficult to keep up. That is why these learning commons are quickly becoming the largest classrooms in the school building; they are vibrant community hubs where students learn to access the overabundance of information that technology makes available. Because students often find themselves in information overload, media specialists have morphed into information facilitators who help learners navigate the constantly evolving references that are available online, and they prepare students to become responsible digital citizens as they face constantly changing technology bursts.                            


    Today’s students seek out the media center for a variety of reasons. In a safe, flexible space, students can access a professional information expert (Media Specialist) who can help tailor research topics and guide students toward quality, age-appropriate resources. They can collaborate, communicate, and share with their peers in an inviting atmosphere where curiosity is encouraged. They can access a variety of resources, both digital and physical. 


    Our teachers seek out the media center as well. There they find a staff member who is an essential part of our instructional technology team. The role of the media specialist includes teaching information literacy skills, promoting reading, and integrating technology within the media program.Our media staff collaborates with teachers to prepare students for future careers that don’t even exist yet. As some services become obsolete and others evolve, our media staff serves as change agents, instructional coaches, and curriculum leaders to assist students in acquiring the necessary skills to become information literate, independent, life-long learners. 


    Each school will have information about its media center on their school website. 



Last Modified on October 7, 2022