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    Jeana Spiegelman

    Jeana Spiegelman

    I am so pleased to be coordinating all of the exciting activities in the Media Center again this year! From 2013-2016 I served a variety of students as Instructional Support, but now I get to see every single student as they come through my Think Lab classes. I also have the privilege of leading a group of very talented students in preparing for the “Battle of the Books” competition. I look forward to empowering students on their wonderful journey through the worlds of literature and technology.


    phone 710212 email JSpiegelman@forsyth.k12.ga.us


    Beth Warstadt

    Big Creek has been my "home away from home" since 2009. I began my time here as an IRR Paraprofessional supporting the Special Education team, but since 2016 I have been sharing my passion for books with all my Big Creek family in the Media Center. Holding a Master's Degree in English, and as an avid reader myself, I love helping students and teachers find just the right book for reading or research.

    phone 710210 email EWarstadt@forsyth.k12.ga.us
    Jeana Spiegelman ext:710212
    Beth Warstadt ext:710210
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