• 7 Mindsets

    Creating a community among students from all grade levels is critical.


    So, at Mashburn we have “houses” —think Harry Potter!


    When a student comes to Mashburn they choose one of six colors out of a magical Mashburn box.


    That color represents their new house! Students will be a valuable member of this house’s family every year they are at Mashburn. So, if a child is a member of the purple, Erevu, house in first grade, he/she will grow in that house all the way through fifth grade! All six houses have students from prek-fifth grade in them.  In these house meetings our students learn how to integrate the 7 mindsets into their daily lives.  The mindsets are:

    Everything is Possible
     Passion First
    We are Connected
    100% Accountable
    Live to Give
    Attitude of Gratitude
    The Time is Now
    The students have a house meeting once a month with all the kids in their house.  Then, each Friday following that initial house meeting they will meet in their grade levels for Horizontal House meeting during specials to continue learning about that month’s mindset.  Each Friday your child is encouraged to wear his/her house color.  Not only do the kids get super excited about house meetings they also learn to work together, encourage each other, and build that critical community in our school.


    Here are the six houses, their color, names & definitions, and house traits:


    Mahari-“Inner Strength”

    Loyalty House- Yellow

    Erevu- “Clever”

    Ingenuity House- Purple


    Respect House- Orange


    Courage House- Blue

    Gamba –“Warrior”

    Strength House- Red


    Integrity House- Green


Last Modified on June 4, 2018