• Debate club
    Club Sponsors:
    Mrs. Brooke Wallace (head coach); Ms. Alexandra Troxell (assistant coach)

    Club Overview 
    Students practice principles of public speaking and argumentation. Debate builds strengths in researching and presenting information, confident communication, and forensic processes. Events include Public Forum and Lincoln Douglas Debate as well as Original Oratory, Impromptu / Extemporaneous Speaking, and Dramatic Interpretation, among others. See www.thegfca.org or www.speechanddebate.org for more information on local and national events.
    Club Meeting Times
    Every other Tuesday after school in Mrs. Wallace's room: 3012. Meetings are 4:00PM-4:45PM.
    Club Officers
    Co-Presidents: George Tian and Sahil Sood
    Co-Vide Presidents: Bobby Missell and Rick Zhao
    Co-Treasurers:Varnica Basavaraj and Prajwal Saokar
    Co-Secretaries: Vinayak Menon and Brian Yoo
    Co-Historians: Shaomin Kee and Dontu Vishnu
    Speech Captains: Daniel Zhao and Rick Shi
    Club Activities or Events
    October 15-16: Johns Creek Gladiator Debate (in-person)
    October 22-23: Sequoyah Autumn Argument (virtual)
    January 16: Alpharetta Treasure Hunt (virtual)
    Additional Information
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Last Modified on March 14, 2022