• Longhorns iGEM
    Club Sponsors:
    Mrs. Janet Standeven
    Mrs. Shelby Cochran
    Mrs. Brittney Cantrell

    Club Overview: 

    What is iGEM?

    The International Genetically Engineered Machine competition (iGEM) is the premiere undergraduate Synthetic Biology competition.  In 2011, iGEM introduced a High School Division that focuses on finding ways for high school student teams to enjoy iGEM in ways that fit the schedules, resources, and structures available to high school teams. 
    • iGEM stands for International Genetically Engineered Machine competition 
    • Over the course of a year, students design and build simple biological systems made from standard interchangeable DNA parts
    • Students will learn lab techniques of biotechnology in addition to developing a working knowledge of modern molecular engineering and scientific research skills.
    • Teams put together a website, keep a blog log of their research and engineer a synthetic set of genes called a “part”.  After completing their research and engineering teams travel to the International Jamboree to compete with other teams from around the globe
    • The goal is to isolate, identify and donate a set of genes to the “Registry of Standard Biological Parts”.  www.partsregistry.org     
    • Information can be found on the main iGEM website at http://igem.org/Main_Page
    Club Meeting Times:  
    Are determined by the project needs and the members on the team.
    Club Activities or Events:  

    Fall Semester

    Students were chosen for the team the previous year,  so during the Fall they are working on finalizing the research project.  The culmination of the iGEM year is the Annual Jamboree held in Boston, MA Nov 9-13, 2017.  Collegiate and high school teams gather to showcase their work.  

    Spring Semester

    After the Jamoboree applications are available in December 2017.  The process for choosing iGEM members includes, applications, interviews, and teacher recommendations.  The new team begins their work during the Spring semester. Our team receives the set of genes from the iGEM foundation to begin  experiments to create and characterize their “parts” and “machine”.  Along with the lab portion of the competition, team members write and design a webpage documenting the process as well as conduct outreach to the community about synthetic biology. 

     *Important- It is NOT mandatory to be able to attend the Jamboree in order to participate in iGEM.

     Summer- Optional 

    Additional research opportunities may be available for selected students at Georgia Tech 

    Club Officers or Members: Are chosen through an application and interview process.  Information about the iGEM applications and information will  be available in room 2309 in December of 2017.

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