Settles Bridge Counseling Department


    Our Vision


    Empowering all students to achieve their highest potential.


    Our Mission

    To promote educational performance, providing each student with the opportunities to acquire the academic, career, personal and social competencies necessary to achieve quality learning and life-long success in a safe environment.

    The counselors at Settles Bridge Elementary School have aligned the work of the counseling and guidance program to the American School Counseling Association's (ASCA) National Model.  As such, the counselors will deliver effective programming through both direct and indirect student services, including the following:

    1.      School Counseling Curriculum - guidance lessons or activities to promote the knowledge, attitudes and skills in three content areas: academic achievement, career development, and personal/social growth. The lessons include classroom guidance, group activities, and parent workshops and instruction.

    2.      Individual Student Planning - activities designed to assist students to establish personal goals and develop future plans, which include appraisals and individual or small group advisement.

    3.      Responsive Services - activities that meet students' immediate needs and concerns, such as consultation, individual and small group counseling, crisis counseling, referrals, and peer facilitation.

    4.      System Support - activities that enhance the school counseling program and support the school. The activities include professional development, consultation and collaboration, and program management and operations.

    Our vision and mission statements are adopted from the Forsyth County Counseling Services Department and as such, align with the Georgia Department of Education and the American School Counselor Association.
    Our Philosophy

    The counselors at Settles Bridge Elementary believe:

    All students have unique and individual personal potential and are capable of achieving their potential if given appropriate opportunities

    All students are entitled to be treated with dignity and respect

    All students have the right to a safe, nurturing and encouraging learning environment which supports and enhances student achievement

    All students have the right to be served by a professional school counselor as well as by a developmentally appropriate and comprehensive school counseling curriculum

    We, as counselors, are in a unique position to be advocates for all students at Settles Bridge.

     The school counselors at Settles Bridge Elementary School are responsible for:

    Planning and delivering a comprehensive school counseling program that aligns with the ACSA National Model

    Working in conjunction with the Counseling Advisory Committee to ensure that we are addressing the unique needs of our student population.

    Collecting data and making data-driven decisions to develop, revise, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the counseling program

     Participating in ongoing professional learning opportunities to stay abreast of current and relevant research and best practices regarding effective school counseling programs

    Abiding by the ethical guidelines and mandates set forth by all applicable professional associations