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    Parent Portal Online
    Quick Start Guide
    Go to the Parent Portal Website at https://campus.forsyth.k12.ga.us/campus/portal/forsyth.jsp?1323Nav=|&NodeID=2920&1324Nav=|&NodeID=3033 (just click the link and bookmark it for future visits)
    Here’s the login screen – use the username and password you created to log in:
    IC Login Screen


    Once you’ve logged in, you’ll come to your main launch screen.


    Main IC Screen  

    Here’s a brief description of the choices on the main screen:

    1 – Messages – Messages from the district, from your child’s school and individual messages about grade performance, etc. are displayed here.  Scroll down the page to see the school and individual notices.

    2 – Household Information – The main household phone number and address are here, and can be updated if there are changes.

    3 – Family Members – This page lists all students enrolled in FCSS schools associated with you and other parent/guardians.  Some contact information may be changed here, but any changes (either to add or remove) a guardian will need to be completed at the school and documentation must be provided.

    4 – Calendar – This page will show a full month and will indicate when schools are closed for holidays or other events.  The calendar also have two types of icons – an A+ symbol which indicates an assignment (you can click on it to see what the assignment is and what the grade is) or a bell symbol, indicating an attendance event (student out, tardy, or other).
    IC Calendar


    5 – Account Management – allows you to change your Parent Portal password (you will need to know the old password in order to do this).

    6 – Contact Preferences – allows you to select which of the contact number(s) or email addresses you wish to be contacted on for different events (High Priority/Emergencies, Attendance Notifications, Behavior Notifications, etc.)

    7 – Access Log – a listing of when you have logged into Parent Portal.

    However, you’re probably in Portal to look at your child’s grades – go up to the top and click on the arrow next to “Select Student” – a listing of all of your children in the FCSS schools will come up, whether they are in elementary, middle or high school.  Select the student whose grades you wish to view by clicking on their name.  Their screen will come up. 

    IC Student Screen  
    When you click on your child’s name, you will see a screen with their name, school, student number and an image of them if the school has it.  Portal defaults to the Calendar Screen, which is similar to the one you see when you log in, but the events on the calendar are only for the student you have selected.

     Click on “Schedule” to see your child’s schedule – you can click on the gradebook icon to be taken immediately to the grades for this class, or you can click on the envelope to email the teacher.

    IC Schedule Page



    Click on “Attendance” to see how many absences, tardies, or other attendance events your child has, and determine if they are excused or unexcused.  There is also a summary where you can specifically by class how many absences/tardies your child has.


    IC Attendance Screen  
    The “Grades” tab is where you will spend most of your time – it lists the most recent graded assignments at the top followed by the current averages in all classes.  Check often and have your child check as well – it’s the best way to stay on top of things!
    IC Grades Page


    Here’s a rundown of the other menu links:

    Behavior – if your child is involved in a disciplinary event, that information will be recorded here.

    Health – information about vaccinations or other health related issues will be recorded here.

    Assessment – your child’s grades on standardized achievement tests will be recorded here.

    Transportation – Information about bus pickup/dropoff times and locations are here.

    Fees – if you owe fees, they will be listed here.

    Reports – print your child’s schedule, a list of missing assignments, or an unofficial grade transcript here.

    Family- the student's household contacts

    Demographics – the student’s non-household emergency contacts are listed here. (click on a student, then demographics)

    You are encouraged to keep up with your child’s progress and to contact their instructors if you are concerned about the information you see in Parent Portal. 

    If you have technical questions about Parent Portal, contact Liberty ITS Tracey Abercrombie at tabercrombie@forsyth.k12.ga.us - address all grade related questions to your child's teacher.


Last Modified on October 16, 2018