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    Probably one of the hottest trends/topics in education now is the idea of students using their own technology tools as an aid to learning.  Forsyth County Schools is at the forefront of this innovative trend by launching their "BYOT" (Bring Your Own Technology) program, and Liberty Middle is proud to be a BYOT school!
    It wasn't that long ago that schools were trying to get students to leave their tech at home - fearing that cell phones, computers, etc. would prove to be a distraction in the classroom.  Liberty has embraced the idea of having students use their own technology, and LMS teachers can be seen allowing students to participate in classroom polls using their cell phones, creating media with their tablets or computers, reading books with their e-readers, even using Nintendo DS game consoles to look up the latest information on the topic being studied.  We're leaning more every day about how to better integrate these devices into instruction and students are looking at their devices not just for playing games, checking social networks or texting friends, but as a valuable tool to record lectures, take pictures of what's on the board, keep up with their assignments, interact with the teachers and fellow students, and more.  These devices are part of their everyday lives, and teaching them how to use them responsibly is part of the big picture.
    FCS provides students with a secure filtered wireless network - they should be able to easily connect to the LMS wireless network which provides access to the resources they need.  Each day, hundreds of students connect to educational resources - online textbooks, simulations, professional journals, exercises, quizzes, databases, instructional videos, e-books, web 2.0 tools, and more - on this network.
    We're pleased to be on this journey, and would love to answer any questions that you have about our BYOT programs.  As this section of our site grows, we will be providing links to information about BYOT in schools as well as links to apps that can be of use to our students (and possibly their parents as well).  
    Teachers will use Netref to monitor student internet usage in the classrooms. View Netref details.

    If you have any questions about the Liberty BYOT program, contact Tracey Abercrombie, Instructional Technology Specialist, at tabercrombie@forsyth.k12.ga.us or 770-781-4889 (extension 290151).

Last Modified on July 22, 2019