• Course Waiver Request Guidelines


    Guidelines for requesting a change of course after registration:

    1. Submit an on-line Course Waiver. The form is located on each high school’s website.
    2. Meet the deadline for submission published in registration materials, usually a date in early spring of each year.
    3. After the deadline and prior to the beginning of the subsequent school year, all completed Course Waiver submissions will be retained in the scheduling department.
    4. Before the school year begins, if class space is available, the completed forms will be used to determine if and which course changes may be made.
    5. No course changes after the first day of class will be made with the following exceptions:
      1. Student has an empty period in schedule;
      2. Student has already completed and passed the course listed;
      3. Student has not met the prerequisite(s) for the course listed;
      4. Student needs a course to meet graduation requirements; or
      5. Administrative balancing of classes.