• Substance Use Prevention
    In 2016, Forsyth County School System was selected as one of 39 statewide providers to participate in Georgia's Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention Project. Locally, our goal is to reduce the early onset of alcohol use among 9-20 year olds through data-driven, evidence-based strategies resulting in community-level change. To accomplish this goal, we utilize two environmental and one individual level strategies: Positive Social Norms (I Have A Choice), Social Host Liability and Too Good For Drugs (TGFD).
    I Have A Choice public awareness campaign is designed to educate and emphasize the negative consequences of alcohol use and abuse empowering students and parents to make responsible decisions. Using the Science of the Positive, I Have A Choice is developed using social norms, a science-based approach to changing perceptions, attitudes and behaviors. 
    A recent survey conducted by Forsyth County Schools' ASAPP and funded by Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities identified the following as top concerns within our community:
    1. Underage drinking is a large issue in our community.
    2. Ease of access to alcohol among youth.
    3. Lack of community awareness of the extent or consequences of substance abuse. 
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