• During the school year, students will utilize different tools to assist in their understanding of the curriculum.  One of the most frequently used tools is the TI-30XS MultiView Calculator.  Students are encouraged to have their own calculator to use at home and at school.  This calculator has been approved for use on the End of Course Test (EOCT) in May.   It is available at most school supply stores, such as WalMart, Office Max, and Staples.  The cost is usually around $15.  However, because of this calculator’s popularity, stores are often out of stock quickly and frequently.  If you find it, buy it!

    Students in Accelerated courses may also wish to purchase a graphing calculator for use during the second half of Accelerated Analytic Geometry/Advanced Algebra.  The TI-84 Plus Silver Edition or the TI-Nspire are recommended, but not required.      

    TI-30XS MultiView

    TI-84 Plus Silver Edition

    TI- Nspire

    TI-30 TI-84 Nspire