• STEM and General Informational Sites




    STEM resources for students and teachers (4-12)


    Fantastic Contraption

    Create your own fantastic contraption to solve the puzzle (K-12)


    How Everyday Things Are Made

    Learn how everyday things are made; from candy bars to airplane (4-12)


    How Stuff Works

    From automotive to transportation, find out how things work (7-12)


    National Safety Council

    Injury prevention resources for the workplace (7-12)




    Automotive Encyclopedia

    An overview of the automobile’s basic systems (9-12)


    How Cars Work

    Online lessons on how a car works (7-12)


    Construction / Architecture


    Advanced Building Technologies

    Ninety technologies and practices that improve the energy and resource efficiency of buildings (7-12)


    Architect Studio 3D

    Design a house with Frank Lloyd Wright for your client and walk through it in 3D (7-12)


    Building Big

    Focus is large structures and what it takes to build them; includes Bridges, Domes, Skyscrapers, Dams, and Tunnels; interactive engineering labs (7-12)


    Education Index
    (Architecture and Design)

    An index of the best sites related to architecture and design (7-12)


    Education Index

    An index of the best sites related to construction trades (7-12)


    Google Sketchup

    Free software for creating, modifying, and sharing 3D models (7-12)


    Small Blue Printer

    Design your house plan blueprints online, then take a 3D walkthrough your design, and check out an isometric view and print out your plan (7-12)



    Home Improvement / How To Links


    Do It Yourself Network

    Cable channel with a wide variety of home improvement topics with plans and instructions (7-12)


    Home and Garden TV

    Home improvement cable channel (7-12)



    Online source of home improvement, remodeling and repair information (7-12)



    Retailer and Manufacturer of home automation electronics for every aspect of your home; products to make life more convenient, safe, and fun (7-12)










    Lego League Robotics Information



    Robotics Education Corporation

    Informational sites for VEX robotics and the Robotics competitions information





    The world’s most advanced humanoid robot, created by Honda (7-12)


    NASA Robotics

    Resources for teachers and students (7-12)



    Design and build your own robots in the the interactive construction labs and discover the basic skills needed for becoming an expert roboteer (7-12)






    Bob the Builder

    Online games and activities with Bob the Builder


    Build a Neighborhood

    Choose an area to get started and then create a neighborhood


    Construction Activities

    Links to several sites with construction as a theme