Congratulations to the 2020 talent show cast!

    Anishva M

    Aradya T

    Ishani S

    Adwita B

    Lithikasree V

    Sarah V

    Shivangi C

    Manasvi P, Anee Sl, Anika M, Neha A, Ahana M

    Aditya S

    Rishin S , Harsha P

    Hayden R

    Carib M

    Saisha H , Neha P

    Ashley K, Kylie M, Isabella Y

    Riddi K, Roshini V, Aditi T, Hansika K

    Hannah S.

    Rishab T

    Kavya M.

    Shruthi M

    Shravani S

    Trisha R

    Adithi N

    Shivani S

    Abhay P

    Ayati Y

    Meenaskshi A

    Johnathan M, Charan L, Mahi A

    Haley B

    Shreeya A

    Kitty R

    Palak J

    Hasini B

    Apurva J, Bala N.

    Taylor B

    Eesha P




    Rehearsals start next Tuesday 3:00- 5:30

    Rehearsal dates Jan 14, 21,29 Jan 29 is dress rehearsal

    Please be sure to give transportation notes to your teachers.  Bring a snack for after school. Rehearsals will be in the cafeteria. Please bring a Cd or flash drive on MONDAY with 2 min constraints so Mrs. Priddy can put in a file together. Music that isn't cut will not be accepted. 

    Please pick up your child in your car at 5:30pm in the bus lane. We will escort them to the bus area for you to pick up.   Late pick ups will go to dolphin cove and be charged a $15 fee.  

    I am going to create a remind group.  please download the app REMIND and  enter this number 81010and then text @3cf6f6c    I will share all updates and can ask questions quickly from this app.  

    Unfortunately,  the gentleman who created the videos this year will only do it for an upfront fee .  That would be $9 per family. If you are insterested please let me know.  We would need everyone to pitch in to make it work. 



    The performance is on Febraury 4th at 6pm.  Students are to be there no later than 5:30



Last Modified on January 10, 2020