• Kindergarten Round Up

     Friday, July 31, 2020
    We look forward to transporting you and your student on this special day!   Kindergarten round up acquaints the student and parents with the routine and procedures of riding the school bus.  The kindergarten student and their parent should plan to be out to their assigned bus stop by 8:15 AM unless the driver tells you differently when they call you. Your student's bus driver will be contacting you a few days prior to the round up to confirm you will be riding and to answer any questions.
    It is beneficial for students to begin riding on the very First Day of School:
    1) can begin to learn the students stop location 
    2) begins assigning seats on the first day as well as helping them learn their new routine.  
    3) school staff is increased in the bus lanes for arrival and departure to assist students with direction to class rooms etc.  
    Additional benefits:  School buses are arguably the safest form of transportation. Less cars on the road decreases the traffic in an around the schools. Less traffic reduces delays affecting students at the 2nd and 3rd tier schools. 

    Kindergarten Round-up will also be available for students with special needs. If your child attends a school outside your home school district for program need or is unable to ride a regular education bus due to a physical disability, please contact North end transportation supervisor Penny Martin at 770-888-1234 ext.220116 or South end supervisor Leslie Horton at ext. 220513. You must contact transportation 3 days prior to the event in order to arrange a pick-up time. Parents must ride the bus with your child but please make other arrangements for siblings due to limited space on the bus.

    Bus drivers will leave messages, so please make sure you check all potential voice mail accounts for a call from your driver.  Some families still have a rarely used land line, please do not forget to check there for a message from your driver.
Last Modified on July 20, 2020