• BYOT Device FAQ


    1.    Is it required that my child has a device that can connect to the BYOT network? No, not at all. The BYOT network is available to augment the traditional classroom instructional time. Though a BYOT-connected device will no doubt enhance the learning experience, it is by no means a requirement.

    2.    Does it matter which device my student uses? Practically speaking, no. Forsyth County Schools has made a concerted effort to support the broadest range of devices – portable media players, smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and even hand-held gaming systems.

    3.    Which device should I purchase? Forsyth County Schools does not endorse, either directly or indirectly, any particular device or manufacturer. We see a myriad of devices connected to the network on a daily basis and have not heard of any particular make/model of device that has consistent issues.

    4.    Can my student use a “hand-me-down” tablet from their older sibling (or other family member, etc.)? Absolutely. If the device has functioning wi-fi, then it should be able to connect to the BYOT network.

    5.    I want to buy something that will last as long as possible. Any suggestions? Though the BYOT network will support just about any device, we have plans to migrate to a newer, faster technology over the coming years. We would suggest that you do NOT purchase a device that ONLY supports 2.4 GHz wireless (you might see this listed on the package as 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11bg, 802.11gn or 802.11bgn). Instead, look for something that supports both 2.4 GHz *and* 5 GHz (802.11a, 802.11an, or 802.11ac wireless standards in addition to 802.11g or 802.11gn). We will provide support for 2.4 GHz devices for as long as is practical, but with 5 GHz being the new standard, it would be prudent to purchase a device that supports it. Most major manufacturers support the dual-band standards.

    6.    My student wants to use a laptop instead of a tablet/smartphone. Is that OK? Yes, completely. We suggest that they have up-to-date anti-virus/anti-malware software installed for the greatest amount of protection.

    7.    Does Forsyth County Schools provide any technical support for my child’s device? No, we do not. The district has more than 40,000 students enrolled, and it would be impossible to provide support to even a fraction of them. All support will need to be handled by the owner of the device.

    8.    I’m worried that my child’s device will get damaged. What can I do to lessen that chance? We would suggest using some sort of protective case, but you need to be aware that nothing is 100% effective. Forsyth County Schools assumes no responsibility for damage to a user’s device.

    9.    Will my child be able to charge their device while at school? Forsyth County Schools cannot guarantee the availability of any power outlets and/or opportunities to charge devices.

    10. Does my child’s device need to have its own data (cellular) connection? No. Forsyth County Schools provides an open, but filtered, connection to the Internet for the BYOT devices to use while within the school building.

    11. What if I am unable to provide a device for my student? Schools have devices that are available for student use. Please contact your child's school for more details. 



Last Modified on November 1, 2018