•  Digital Citizenship

     Information and Communication Technology is an integral part of FCS’ curriculum across subjects and grades in developmentally appropriate ways, and it is aligned to the competencies listed in the district’s Learner Profile which include seek knowledge and understanding; think critically and solve problems; listen, communicate and interact effectively; exhibit strong personal qualities; and engage and compete in a global environment.

     All members of Forsyth County Schools’ community agree to follow the Forsyth County Schools Code of Conduct, school rules and commit to following responsible use guidelines.

    A team-effort is utilized to teach Forsyth County's Digital Citizenship Standards and Scope and Sequence lessons for elementary schools.  Mrs. Daniels, our Instructional Media Specialist, teaches Creative Credit & Copyright and Information Literacy lessons.  Mrs. Pritchard, our Instructional Technology Specialist, teaches Digital Footprint & Responsibility, Cyberbullying/Self-Image, and Online Safety & Privacy lessons.  Teachers reinforce digital citizenship skills within lessons where educational technology is embedded.

    Click here to view a copy of Forsyth County's Digital Citizenship Scope and Sequence Lessons for K-12 schools.

Scope and Sequence
Last Modified on July 24, 2023