Welcome to the Visual Art Program at Daves Creek Elementary!  We are excited to go an adventure this year in Art class.  Students in kindergarten through fifth grade will be introduced to famous artists from all over the world this year, and use them as inspiration for their own artwork.  They will learn about how different cultures create art.  They will learn how to appreciate all kinds of art, as well as how to talk about art using art vocabulary.  Most importantly, students will be creating art using a variety of media and techniques; making it personal and meaningful.


    Whether your child is in kindergarten through fifth grade, all students will begin to learn and understand the elements art (line, shape, color, texture, value, form, space) and principles of art (pattern, rhythm, balance, emphasis, harmony, variety unity).  This is very important knowledge to have in order to create quality artwork.  Each grade level will be incorporating elements and principles of art into their artwork as it relates to each project, and at the appropriate skill level.


    Students in art class will also begin to see how art relates to the world around them.  This includes learning how art can tie in to all subject areas; math, reading, writing, science, and social studies.  They will learn about different careers in art, and how to notice art in our everyday lives.


    We are very excited to bring back our Fall Fundraiser to support the art program this year.  We will be cooperating with Original Works, to produce beautiful artwork that can be purchased on a variety of products.  Look for information to be coming home soon.  It will be an Online Purchasing Program this year which should make ordering a lot easier for everyone!  Also look forward to our Spring Art Show, which will display a framed artwork from every student in the entire school!



Last Modified on January 20, 2017