Home Alone Policy as stated by the Forsyth County Department of Family and Children Services
                                       Home Alone

    ·       Children age 8 or under: Should never be home alone

    ·         Age 9-12: Can stay alone up to 2 hours but cannot perform role of babysitter

    ·         Age 13 and over: Can stay home alone for less than 12 hours and can perform the role of babysitter

    *Keep in mind that these guidelines are also based on the level of the child's maturity*




           Solo en la casa

    ·         Niños menores de 8 años: Nunca deben estar solos en la casa

    ·         Niños de 9-12: Pueden estar solos en casa por solo 2 horas

    ·         Niños de 13 años o mas: Pueden estar en la casa
    solos por
    hasta 12 horas y puede ser niñeros(as).