International Baccalaureate Career Program

    What do I need for the IBCC?



    Choose a Career Pathway:

    ·     Culinary

    ·     Engineering

    ·       Manufacturing

    ·       Marketing

    ·       Teaching as a profession

    ·      Hospitality

    ·       Business Management

    ·      Programming and Computer Science

    Choose two IB Diploma courses from our wide variety of IB courses

    50 hours of Community & Service

    50 hours developing a Second Language  (Spanish, French, German or Latin)

    Approaches to Learning class:

    ATL promotes “soft skills” highly sought after in the business world, such as communication, critical thinking, cultivating effective work culture and professional ethics and community relations.


    Kevin Denney, IB Coordinator


    770-781-2264 ext. 100452

Last Modified on August 16, 2018