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    Our recent district initiative called PROPEL (Pathways for Reaching Opportunities in Preparing for Excellence for Life) placed emphasis on the fact that graduation from high school is a vital component of a viable and successful community. Through this initiative, part of the recommendations which came out of the careers and relevance findings was that Forsyth County needed to better engage local employers to understand their needs in hiring qualified candidates and take a closer look at the curriculum and training needs of our students. Throughout the past several years, we’ve been doing just that which has spawned the need for an increased focus on the employment pipeline for a student in Forsyth County.

    As a follow-up to these recommendations, Forsyth County Schools, University of North Georgia, Lanier Technical College, and the Cumming-Forsyth County Chamber of Commerce have partnered to create a learning collaborative that:

    • identifies and supports the lifelong educational needs of our community,
    • revisits such things as the Cumming-Forsyth County Chamber of Commerce’s Envision 2030 Report,
    • looks at needs to identify and support the lifelong educational needs of our community, and
    • studies other local economic development impacts in our community.

    Our plan is to develop Georgia’s most comprehensive and innovative road map for developing and retaining a talented workforce, and our business community and learning organizations have committed to coming together to establish the learning needs in order to provide a seamless curriculum from secondary to post-secondary which supports the workforce needs of Forsyth County – now and in the future! Our response to that is something we’re calling Workforce Forsyth! Forsyth County Schools is partnering with business and industry in the community to promote job growth by determining business needs and developing solutions that include the following components:

    Forsyth County business and education communities are setting a new standard that will drive business growth, so we are expanding our existing CTAE programs through increased business participation, deeper collaborative organization, stronger post-secondary connections, and further innovation. To learn more, contact Valery Lowe at vlowe@forsyth.k12.ga.us or 770-887-2461.