Coal Mountain Elementary Staff Directory

School Phone: (770) 887-7705
Extension Name Position Email
730431 Archer, Shannon Special Education Teacher
730410 Barnett, Amanda First Grade Teacher
730207 Boling, Jennifer Third Grade Teacher
730457 Bramblett, Sydney Special Education Teacher
730215 Brooker, Whitley Third Grade Teacher
730218 Brown, Grace Third Grade Teacher
730211 Bruhl, Stephanie Fifth Grade Teacher
730451 Buquoi, Mary Kay First Grade Teacher
730188 Buquoi, Stephanie Fourth Grade Teacher
730102 Burgett, Jan School Counselor
730189 Cantrell, Kamryn Fifth Grade Teacher
730102 Carpenter, Shelby School Counselor
730105 Castleberry, Robin Assistant Principal
730446 Collins, Dianne First Grade Teacher
730442 Collins, Kayla First Grade Teacher
730151 Cox, Danielle Special Education Teacher
730414 Currie, Melissa Paraprofessional
730455 Dixon, Kristin Special Education Teacher
730452 Feibus, Lisa Kay Speech and Language Pathologist
730226 Fitton, Julie Second Grade Teacher
730432 Forrester, Robin Special Education Teacher
730107 Fuchs, Kelly Principal
730234 Gourley, Courtney Special Education Teacher
730190 Gravitt, Sara Fourth Grade Teacher
730402 Hall, Robin First Grade Teacher
730417 Harris, Tiffany Kindergarten Teacher
730422 Hays, Carrie Kindergarten Teacher
730303 Heath, Elaine Physical Education Teacher
730178 Hequembourg, Wendy Instructional Coach
730453 Hilger, Michelle Special Education Teacher
730206 Hunziker, Erika Third Grade Teacher
730432 Johnson, Margie Paraprofessional
730103 Kawecki, Susan School Nurse
730242 Keller, Torri Second Grade Teacher
730234 Krauth, Autumn Special Education Teacher
730429 Landis, Gina EIP Teacher
730456 Lowe, April Speech/Language Pathologist
730126 Mathis, Tammy Food Service Manager
730426 McGilvray, Maria Paraprofessional
730227 Metzger,Sarah Second Grade Teacher
730413 Monroe, Teresa Paraprofessional
731140 Moore, Kelly Instructional Technology Specialist
730452 Noe, Diana Speech and Language Pathologist
730414 Pack, Haley Kindergarten Teacher
730187 Pearson, Ashley Fifth Grade Teacher
730184 Poisson, Molly Fourth Grade Teacher
730178 Price, LeeAnne Speech and Language Pathologist
730187 Prince, Melanie Fifth Grade Teacher
730213 Quinones, Anna ESOL Teacher
730405 Reyes, Aquila First Grade Teacher