• Battalion Commanding Officer

    CLtCol Seabolt

    Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Nathaniel Seabolt

    Cadet Major Seabolt is a senior (Class of 2024), and was a member of the raider team, and a part-time employee at Walmart. During his free time he enjoys anything related to the outdoors, working out including weight lifting and boxing. After graduation he plans to attend Abraham Baldwin Agricultural college and pursue a career in natural resource management.  

    One of his favorite memories during his time in the Raider Battalion was the challenging Raider Team runs and the bonds built on the team through all of the struggles and hardships. All in all The Raider Battalion has taught him important qualities of leadership, discipline, and hard work during his time in the Battalion.


  • Battalion Executive Officer  

    CMaj Kowalczyk

    Cadet Major Colin Kowalczyk

    Cadet Major Kowalczyk is a senior (Class of 2024), and he is the Cadet Battalion Executive Officer. The role of the Cadet Battalion Executive Officer is to serve as the Cadet Officer advisor to the Cadet Battalion Commander as well to direct and lead the Battalion Staff.


    Cadet Major Kowalczyk is the Color Guard Commander for the Raider Battalion, and he has also been a part of the Raider Team. He enjoys going to the gym, hockey, and hanging out with friends. After he graduates, he plans on attending the University of North Georgia and plans on majoring in Strategic and Security Arms Studies with a concentration in Military Intelligence. He hopes to commission active duty into the United States Army upon graduating college.


    His favorite memories of his time in JROTC have been leading many different people that he can call his friends. Throughout his 4 years in the program, he’s created lifelong friendships, and learned invaluable lessons from others.

  • Battalion Sergeant Major

    CSgtMaj Franco 

    Cadet Sergeant Major Madalynn Franco

    Cadet Sergeant Major Franco is a Senior (Class of 2024), and she is the Cadet Battalion Sergeant Major. The role of the Cadet Battalion Sergeant Major is to serve as the Cadet Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Cadet Battalion Commander, and to advise the Cadet Company’s First Sergeants. Cadet Sergeant Major Franco is a member of the Raider Team, the Color Guard, and the Track Team. During her free time, she enjoys fishing, playing piano, and sports. After graduation, she plans to attend the University of North Georgia to study psychology and criminology. She hopes to join the FBI after earning her bachelor’s degree. Her favorite memories of her time being in JROTC are the grueling raider team practices and the company bonding she had. Throughout her 3 years in the program she’s created some of the best bonds and many have come from Raider team itself.

  • S-1 (Administration) Department: 

    C2ndLt Rubio

    S-1 Officer: Cadet 2ndLt Rubio

    S-3 (Operations) Department: 

    C1stLt Olivares

    S-3 Officer: Cadet 1stLt Olivares

    S-4 (Supply/Logistics) Department: 

    C2ndLt Born

    S-4 Officer: Cadet 2ndLt Born

    S-6 (Communications/Public Affairs) Department: 


    S-6 Officer: 1stLt Keenan




Last Modified on February 26, 2024