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     Life science covers a variety of topics.  Throughout the school year, we will discuss the nature of science, the structure and function of cells, DNA and heredity, human anatomy and physiology, and the ecology of plants and animals.  Throughout the school year, we will perform numerous hands-on activities (projects, experiments, and dissections).  The aim of these projects is to heighten the students’ ability to develop meaning and personal value with the material, as well as to create a more exciting and enjoyable atmosphere in the classroom!



    ·         Homework: every night review concepts approximately 10-15 minutes: add 5-10 minutes if there is written assignment

    ·         Frequent in class formative assessments

    ·         Frequent online assessments are expected to be completed at home

    ·         Summative exams at the conclusion of each unit

    ·         Labs and additional projects that support the material in class


    ·         Faster pace (must cover all 7th grade standards as well as advanced topics)

    ·         More in-depth questions on summative assessments


    Topics are taught by teacher as an introduction. Formative assignments are then given where independent learning takes over using technology. Simulations are also used to learn certain topics. Formatives are given with specific due dates and teacher conferences along the way. Summative exams conclude the end of a unit and can be essay based, project based, or simulation based. 



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