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    The Social Studies Department at Riverwatch Middle School follows the Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS). The objective for this year is that students will gain a general understanding of Africa and Asia.  Students will be expected to locate the major countries and physical features on the continents as well as demonstrate an understanding of the interconnectedness of geography, culture and economics.  Most importantly, students will learn how culture impacts the way that we see the world and each other.  The standards for this course can be found at www.georgiastandards.org  These standards will be used in preparation for the Georgia Milestone Assessment (GMAP) which takes place in April. Consequently, instruction is tailored to meet the academic needs of the On-Level and Advanced students with care and precision.



    ·         Africa:   Students will be able to have a general understanding of the physical and human geography. 

    ·         Asia:   Students will be able to have a general understanding of the physical and human geography. 

    ·         Government and Religion:  They will be able to explain the basic differences and similarities between forms of government and the major world religions. 

    ·         Expectations:  Students in advanced SS will be expected to be able to work independently with choices of performance and research-based tasks.

    ·         General Content: These components to the SS classroom are the same as on-level.

    ·         Fast-Paced with in-depth discussions.

    ·         The Advanced course allows students to access critical thinking and creative assignments that meets the academic needs of the gifted learner. There is also a focus on open-ended tasks at this level.



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