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    We at Riverwatch have a unique teaching and learning opportunity for sixth and seventh graders through a specialized course called Academic Enrichment. The content delivery and demonstration of competencies of this course are varied, high-interest, and interactive. Considering and intentionally planning to supplement and extend our Panthers’ learning journeys, this subject takes into account the needs of the 21st Century Learner. Through technology-infused lessons and units, students will delve into deepened content, learning strategies, and critical-thinking skills through English Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science related units. Academic Enrichment focuses on Research and Academic Writing Literacy Common Core Standards to promote and augment skills our students will utilize as lifelong learners in future endeavors as well as on their paths toward college and career development. 


    For more information about your child's Enrichment class, feel free reach out to their teacher directly!

    6th Grade Enrichment Team

    Leslie Storm

    Kathy Drews

    Wendy Hill 

    Katie Shroyer


    7th Grade Enrichment Team

    Elizabeth Kennedy 

    April Regocki

    Diana Wieberg

    Kathy Drews

    Christine Taylor






Last Modified on May 4, 2020