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    Welcome to the Forsyth County Schools' Special Education website dedicated to the early identification and treatment of children with special needs.  This registration process is to initiate a comprehensive, developmental evaluation with the Preschool Diagnostic Team.  This does NOT register your child for school.  Parents looking for a GA Lottery Preschool should contact local daycare centers.  

    Registration Information: 

    Preschool Student Registration Checklist: Complete steps 1 & 2

    Step 1) PRINT & COMPLETE THE Preschool Information Packet
    Bring the completed Preschool Information Packet to the registration appointment. The packet includes Parent Consent for Screening, Developmental Evaluation Referral Questionnaire, and Medicaid Peach Care form. Also complete the Records ReleaseParent Rights, and the Parent Rights Spanish if applicable.
    If your Preschool child needs an evaluation, you must first register the child with the Forsyth County Schools.  To do this, go to the registration home page and follow the instructions. This is only a registration appointment. You will be contacted later to schedule an evaluation meeting with a special education team member.

    Online Appointment Calendar link: Registration Home Page
    When registration is complete the file will be sent to the Preschool department to be processed. Once processed, someone will contact you to schedule the evaluation appointment. Depending on the time of the year and the volume of students being seen, it may take 7 - 10 school days for contact to be made.  
    For more information, please contact:
    Mardy Hendon
    770-887-2461 x310100
    Kristi Quinn
    770-887-2461 x310138