• This week, April 12, 2017, we shared pictures we took over spring break and looked over photos taken by a recent contest's winners.
     We meet 3 times a month- Monday at 3:40pm in Room 1634 ( Mod Pod)
    Ask Ms. Ergun about photography opportunities for more information. Ally Murari Harry Burnett April Turner
    Week of September 30, 2017
    Today, we shared photos that demonstrated depth of focus, a topic discussed last week by South's very own Madame Craft! We also shared photos of sunrises and sunsets, determining the appearances and the techniques used to photograph each.
    Shared photo of one of our members.   Harry Burnett
    Sunrise Sunrise  
    Today, we shared more photos. Our favorite photos of all time, in fact! We got to share about our experiences and learn about our styles with these photos, and we also shared about our future goals in regards to our photography. Here are some of the photos we shared!
    Mikayla                                  Sarah
    Ethan!!! Great photo, buddy!
    Mono Lake
    Today, Harry Burnett (our vice president) shared some of his favorite photographers from every style of photography- from abstract to travel photos, Harry's powerpoint covered a wide range of photos and people. We also did an activity after the presentation encouraging the members to choose their favorite aspects of the photos shown in the presentation, discussing different techniques and styles.
    Today, the club members showed their own photos with the amusing different stories behind them. Below are some of the photos our members shared with the club today:
    Cynthia            Harry Ava          Mikayla
    Happy Valentine's Day, fellow photographers! Today, two club members presented their photos, style, and personalities through the exciting new activity called "Photographer of the Week," where different photographers are chosen every week to share a little bit about themselves through their favorite photos. Here are a few examples:
    3/21/18: Today, our photographer of the week, Emily, shared her photography and style with the club. Here are some of the photos she was kind enough to show us! We also made a list of places that we'd like to go on our nexr expedition!
    Displaying Photo note
    Today, one of our members presented their "photographer of the week" presentation. We also shared pictures from our recent "ugly photo challenge" and spring break photos. Have a look! 
    Ugly Location
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