• Animation

    Sometimes, adding a little bit of motion to visual information results in more engaging, more meaningful, and better communication. When elements of visual storytelling/explanation are enhanced with motion, the intended audience can't help but look and learn. This category calls for students to develop an original design with the primary purpose for allowing the motion of objects. Software used to generate animated design includes but is not limited to:
    You may have up to 2 people on a team but teams and individuals will compete against each other within each grade grouping. Regardless of the length of the project, judging time is 15 minutes. Judges may only view a portion of the actual project.
    Judges will use the Animation category rubric as a guideline for exemplary characteristics of projects in this category. Students should use the rubric as a guide for what judges are looking for.
    Examples of student-created animated graphics:
    Thumbnail image linked to a YouTube video. When a squirrel comes across a well-known energy drink, she takes a sip and hilarity ensues.

    Student-created animation example 001

    Thumbnail image linking to a student-created animated graphic. A red ant finds itself beset with burning appetite but no food in sight. Its food appears, seasoned to taste.

    Student-created animation example 002

    Thumbnail image of animated graphic linked to a YouTube video. While on the run and hiding out from gangsters, a secret agent particle physicist with the secret of anti-gravity takes a job in a traveling vaudeville show. Her attempts to blend in are charged with humor. This tiny dancer's fancy floating footwork awes the audience and puts her in peril. Will it be curtains for our heroine? Stay tuned!

    Student-created animation example 003

    Thumbnail image of an animated graphic linked to a video of the same:  In this philosophical animated feature, the main character, a girl genius named Frannie, remains off-camera contemplating the very nature of existence as her world comes into sharper focus. Go Frannie!!!

    Student-created animation example 004

    Additional examples of animated graphics: