• Graphic Design

    Calling all modern Monets, precocious Picassos, and rising Rembrandts! Ready to share your digital masterpiece? Let the computer be your canvas. This category is defined as any original art project created with the use of a computer or other digital tools. Please note that this category does not include Digital Photography or 3D Modeling design projects. Please note that the project must be displayed on the computer in the program in which it was created. A hard copy of the finished project may be displayed. Tools and resources in your pixelated palette include but are not limited to: 
    You may have up to 2 people on a team but teams and individuals will compete against each other within each grade grouping. Regardless of the length of the project, judging time is 15 minutes. Judges may only view a portion of the actual project.
    Judges will use the Graphic Design Category Rubric as a guideline for exemplary characteristics of projects in this category. Students should use the rubric as a guide for what judges are looking for.

    :Images of and links to 8 individual pieces of student-created non-animated graphic artwork.

    Examples of student-created non-animated graphic design


    Additional resources:

    • The NGAkids Art Zone features a variety of art-making tools that encourage exploration and creativity, these computer-based activities are suitable for all ages.
    • Oddly-named but awesomely powerful Psykopaint gives its fortunate users decidedly dynamic opportunities to generate stunning works of digital art. The resource is available as an app or via its online studio.