• Longhorn   A/V Technology and Film

    Mr. Marc Schneider

     Longshot Productions                             Lambert AM


    Marc Schneider brings a level of unparalleled passion and excitement to everything he does.  A former industry professional with Turner Broadcasting at CNN, Coach Schneider is experienced in producing award-winning high school video programs acknowledged by The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, mentoring the productions of student films garnering national film festival exposure, and implementing a real-world curriculum in the classroom.   


     There are amazing stories on the horizon in Longhorn Country.  Marc Schneider’s goal is to unite the people, the pictures, and the pace of the Lambert community through Longshot Productions, while fueling a superior film and video production program at Lambert High School.



    Lambert High School’s morning program, Lambert AM, premiered in August 2018. This student-anchored show includes news, interviews, exclusive reporting, club news, featured segments, sports by The Mix, and student digital shorts produced by Criteck Entertainment. The Friday program airs on the Lambert AM YouTube channel.


    For more information go to http://www.lambertam.com

Last Modified on November 5, 2018