Teaching as a Profession Pathway
    Have you ever thought about becoming a teacher? Do you enjoy working with children and making a significant, positive impact in their lives? If so, we have a great program at South Forsyth just for you!


       The Teaching as a Profession Pathway consists of 3 courses that must be completed in the order listed below.  The 2nd and 3rd courses are taught as a block in the 2nd year of the pathway. Pathway completion includes a mock interview and End of Pathway Exam, in addition to the following courses.

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    Examining the Teaching Profession (90005y):an introduction to the teacher apprentice program. This course is designed to engage students in creative, rigorous, hands on activities while learning how to teach as well as learning about themselves.

    Contemporary Issues in Education (90011s): We take a look at all the issues surrounding education, past and present, and use classroom discussions and debates to express our thoughts and opinions on the current education landscape.

    Teaching as a Profession Practicum (90081s):  This course is a mini-student teaching experience where you get to teach in classrooms at Haw Creek Elementary, Daves Creek Elementary, Shiloh Point Elementary, Mashburn Elementary, or Big Creek Elementary, while completing a college ready portfolio.

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       In the Teaching as a Profession Pathway, you will be an active participant in the learning process as you explore what it means to be an effective and inspiring teacher. It is imperative that you understand that learning should be fun, creative, and rigorous; therefore we practice that in our own classroom!


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