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    Welcome, War Eagle Speech and Debate Team!

    Speech and Debate is a club for everyone. Beyond the improvements in their academic performance that prepare them to excel in college, speech and debate students change in ways that influence every aspect of their lives. It gives them the social and academic confidence they need to grow as individuals, achieve educational goals, pursue meaningful work, and improve the lives of others – and our world.

     Similar to athletic sports, speech and debate activities are challenging, competitive in nature, and require regular practice, coaching, dedication, and hard work.

    Speech involves a presentation by one, two, or sometimes a group of students that is judged against a similar type of presentation by others in a round of competition. Speech events range from limited preparation events that require extensive knowledge of current events to dramatic and humorous interpretation, which challenge students to find powerful moments in literature and recreate them for an audience.

    Debate involves an individual or a team of debaters working to effectively convince a judge that his or her side of a resolution is, as a general principle, more valid. To see what our students are currently debating, visit our Current Topics page. Students in debate come to thoroughly understand both sides of the resolution, having researched each extensively, and learn to think critically about every argument that could be made on each side.

    Each event in speech and debate features a different form of public speaking and requires a unique skill set and talent. While students often develop a passion for specific events, many compete in multiple categories throughout the course of their academic careers. Learn more about the main competitive events here.*

    *For more information see the NFL homepage
    Club Documents (Google Drive).
    Items of Importance: 
    First Debate meeting: Tuesday, August 22nd in the Media Center. 
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    • Student competitors should register on the TabRoom website for Tournament Listings and vital competition information (such as pairings) communicated during tournaments. This is required to debate in tournaments and should be completed during our first debate meeting. 
    • Local Competition Listings on Joy of Tournaments website.   *Please inform Mrs. Oxford-Bennett if you would like to attend one of the listed tournaments. If three or more students are planning to attend, participants may benefit from reduced application and judging costs.
    • Club Meetings: Tuesday afternoons in the Media Center. We will not meet on the early release schedule.
    • Dues: $50.00/year-start per student (includes t-shirt and goes towards National Speech and Debate School Membership--individual memberships separate and not required).
    • DUES MUST BE PAID ON School Pay

    Other costs: competition fees will be assessed when students sign-up to attend a competition. Judges fees and entry fees for each contest usually ranges from $20-$85/student. *costs determined by the type of travel.lodging needed, the host school's posted fees and by the number of judges we as a school may be forced to hire to assist with the contest (parent volunteers are welcome and encouraged!) as well as the number of competing students from SFHS (more students, less cost as the costs become shared).

    Contests are generally two day events held Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. Some contests are only one day (Saturdays). Parent or self-transportation is expected due to shortages of bus drivers. Mrs. Oxford-Bennett will determine transportation methods; assume parent transport unless otherwise communicated. 

    Sponsor: Ms Oxford-Bennett (Rm. 408 West Hall)

    Student participation is key to club membership. Students seeking membership should plan to compete at least twice during the school year at a NSDA sanctioned competition. The state contest is held in the spring semester. Opportunities to compete at the national level may come to those who score well at state. Students at SFHS specialize in Policy Forum Debate; however, Speech and Debate competitions in Georgia may include any of the events listed on the team Google Drive that students express interest in and prepare adequately for (see regulations document). Club Documents (Google Drive).


    Debate Officers 2023-2024:

    Anant Gautam--President

    Aditi Ashok--Vice President

    Prakhar Gupta--Tournament Director