• Forsyth County Schools

    Download official versions of the Forsyth County School District logos below.

    The PNG files are suitable for use on websites, videos and in Microsoft Office software. The EPS files are scalable vector files that can be opened in programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. The EPS files are also suitable for commercial printing.

    The font in the FCS official logo is Belwe Medium.

    Forsyth County Schools Logo
      Official Logo with Slogan
    Forsyth County Schools Official Logo   FCS Logo with slogan  
    PNG: color/black/white | EPS: color/black/white   PNG: color | EPS: color

    Alternative Logo with Heads Only   Alternative Logo with and without Hexagon Background
    FCS Logo Heads   FCS Logo Hexagon FCS Logo Hexagon No Background
    PNG: color/black/white | EPS: color/black/white   PNG: color/black
    EPS: color/black
    PNG: black/white
    EPS: black/white

    Color Specifications
    The District’s official colors are medium blue and gold. Other variations of blue as indicated below can be used as appropriate complimentary colors.
    FCS Dark Blue RGB: 2, 39, 68 CMYK: 100, 82, 45, 48 Pantone: 2767
    FCS Medium Blue RGB: 3, 58, 109 CMYK: 100, 85, 32, 17 Pantone: 654
    FCS Medium-Light Blue RGB: 0, 85, 150 CMYK: 100, 58, 0, 21 Pantone: 294
    FCS Gold RGB: 201, 150, 0 CMYK: 22, 40, 100, 2 Pantone: 1245
    The use of these logos is limited to only the color variations provided. Logos are copyrighted property of FCS and cannot be used for non-district purposes without permission from Lakeisha Mose, Public Information & Communications Department, lrmose@forsyth.k12.ga.us.
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