• Parents and Students-

    Thank you for all of your interest in Science Olympiad.  All the children were wonderful.  We wish we could have taken each and every one.

    However, we are limited by the regulations of the National Science Olympiad.  


    Congratulations to the following students:

    4th Grade Students Teacher
    Shreyas Nooka Bryson
    Charan Lingampally Rogers
    Kuhu Barole Purcell
    Avani Subnedar Purcell
    Anna Gubala Keller
    Anika Mergu Avera
    Anuj Naini Avera
    Ayush Sinha Tereniak
    Maria Vattakkunnel Siuta
    Angela Peddapalli Siuta
    Aaryan Nadgauda Keller
    Riya Arcot Bryson
    5th Grade Students  
    Della Singleton Adams
    Aarna Desai Dowd
    Alekhya Yadavalli Gann
    Avnish Kumre  
    Rishin Shah Hinison
    Vedanth Vivekanand Adams
    Pranav Rajkumar Seagreen
    Shravani Sharath Adams
    Sarika Jarugumilli  
    Haniska Kalluru Rubiano
    Abhay Kumar Prashanth Gann
    Siri Nuthalapati Hinson
    Hanssini Premkumar Rubiano
    Krithvik Naveen Oliaro
    Shubham Joshi Dowd
    Armaan Jain Gann

    * Parents/Students:   It is VERY difficult especially when the children are all terrific.  We wish we could take them all.   We will not discuss why your child was picked or wasn't picked for the team.   We ask that you respect the application process and selection.


    Members:  Our first meeting is on Sept. 4th, 2019.   A letter will be sent home next week.


Last Modified on August 25, 2019