Results from the 2022-2023 Tryouts will be posted here on Friday, August 19 at 3:00PM. 

    For those selected, there will be a parents' meeting on August 24 at 4:00 in the DCES cafeteria. Parents and students are encouraged to attend. The first official team meeting will be August 31, 2022 from 3:30-4:30. Pick up will be in the bus lanes. 

    The cost of being on Science Olympiad is $250. Students who make the team will see the payment on MyPaymentsPlus. Please log on to pay as soon as possible. Payment is due by August 31, 2022.  

    Congratulations to the following students:

    4th Grade:

    Ahaan Kariro Hodges
    Bodhee Manan Cibula
    Risha Singh Avera
    Naviti Bazaz Hodges
    Aaron Panjvani Purcell
    Arshi Maridu Hodges
    Nivriti Sidduri Kuar
    Sanvi Vibhute Hodges
    Evelyn Alappatt Ossowski
    Rajveer Saini Hodges
    Ameya Thuruthiyil Avera
    Kaavy Patil Cobb
    Aashrita Reddy Annapureddy Kuar
    Abhijaysai Kalyankar Ossowski
    Aadit Thumaty Kuar
    Zuie Mahajan Kuar

    5th Grade:

    Aadhira Raja Santiago
    Architha Kasavaraju Fretz
    Gentry Beckstead Ochacher
    Kiara Anand Santiago
    Krithik Premkumar Brantley
    Krithika Shivakanth Bergey
    Kush Joshi Brantley
    Leah Song Brantley
    Livy Singleton Rogers
    Pratik Jampani Jones
    Ridhi Sanikommu Brantley
    Saarth Patel Rubiano
    Salonie Fadnavis Brantley
    Tattva Patel Hinson
    Teja Vijjapurapu Bergey
    Yash Poojala Fretz


    * Parents/Students:   It is VERY difficult to pick a team, especially when the children are all terrific.  We wish we could take them all.   We will not discuss why your child was picked or wasn't picked for the team.   We ask that you respect the application process and selection.



Last Modified on August 19, 2022