Thank you to everyone for trying out for the Daves Creek Mathematics Fanatics Team. Unfortunately, we are not able to extend an invitation to everyone to join at this time. 

    Should any of the 20 invited students choose not to accept their invitation, we will reconsider individual testing results.  The students with the next highest scores will be invited to fill the open positions on the team.

    Remember, you were asked to try out because we see your mathematical strengths. We encourage you to continue your interest in math competitions.  Please visit www.mathleague.org for upcoming competitions in the area. These are open competitions that will give you great experience.

    We encourage you to keep learning about all things mathematical!


    Welcome to the Daves Creek Mathematics Fanatics Team 


    3rd Grade

    Team Coach: Mrs. Barbieri

    Shreyan Bajaj

    Aditya Bang

    Anish Boppana

    Sahasra Chennady

    Aadi Desai

    Aryan Gandhi

    Nikitha Goda

    Isha Gupta

    Aayush Jerath

    Eshaan Joshi

    Rohin Kantareddy

    Kashvee Kasarla

    Vihan Katta

    Soham Kulkarni

    Vyshali Ramanadham

    Iliana Roh

    Shreya Sharan

    Tiral Thennavan

    Nethra Thotakura

    Timothy Yoon

    4th Grade

    Team Coach: Mrs. Haich

    Arnav Acharya

    Sathvik Akula

    Anirudh Arvindkumar

    Anish Bikkumalla

    Mohnish Chintalapudi

    Bhavanika Golla

    Samyuktha Mahesale Kiran

    Saharsh Nannapaneni

    Sindhuja Nifadkar

    Shriyans Nomula

    Richa Patel

    Shivam Patel

    Pranav Rakesh

    Naman Rohit

    Sricharan Samba

    Anaisha Singh

    Shriya Somaskanthan

    Suhali Tirumareddi

    Thanishkka Vijayabaskar

    Drea Vyas


    5th Grade

    Team Coach: Mrs. Woodman

    Saumya Anand

    Tanvi Bhattiprolu

    Abhisri Boppana

    Aiden Chang

    Ashish Chinta

    Yagnaram Chinthu

    Samarth Devella

    Riddhi Kantareddy

    Shriyan Katta

    Soham Karve

    Holden Lack

    Saketh Nimma

    Dhanvin Kumar Pamulapati

    Pranav Paruchuri

    Divyam Patil

    Anikshaa Pazhanivel

    Harshavardhan Prakash

    Hannah Sundar

    Suhas Tenali

    William Wei


    Please complete the form on the link below for math team t-shirts. Thank you! 


    Our 1st Math Team Meeting will be on Wednesday, September 11th from 3:15-4:30 pm.  

    Please remember that pick up is at 4:30 in the bus lanes.  Our dismissal follows the same rules as a regular school day dismissal.  If you need to make a change in your child’s dismissal, please send me an email to your child’s math team coach before 2:30 pm.  If you plan to have another parent pick up your child, that parent must be listed on your child’s check-in/check-out card, which was filled out during Open House.  You will also need to email your child’s coach to let them know who is picking up your child. If you are running late, we will bring your child to Dolphin Cove, our after school program.  There will be a $20. fee due at the time of pick up (cash or check). If this occurs, you will need to go to the front desk and the receptionist will call for your child to be brought from Dolphin Cove when you arrive.   

    Please log onto www.mypaymentsplus.com to pay your child’s $175 math team fee.  Mypaymentsplus will be open from August 30-September 11, 2019. 

    We are excited to have the opportunity to work with your child this year and further develop their problem-solving abilities.  


    Mrs. Haich, Mrs. Barbieri, and Mrs. Woodman

Last Modified on August 26, 2019