• Liberty's Mission/Vision Statement:  
    Together, Patriots revolutionize, create synergy, transform the world and leave our legacy!


    At Liberty Middle School, we believe in preparing confident learners that care and respect themselves, but more importantly, care and respect others.  View Liberty Middle Learning Essentials

    Living up to our mission means that failure is not an option.  In order for all students to be successful, they must be active participants in their own learning and be committed to achieving to their highest potential. The Liberty staff is committed to their role in the success of all students. After reflecting on the first semester, we found that meeting our mission requires that some changes be made during the second semester. In order for students to achieve to their highest potential, they must:
    • Participate in their classroom assignments and complete the work.
    • Complete and return homework every time, on time.
    • Make up missed assignments when absent.



    Students must be aware of the fact that at Liberty, failure is not an option.  They need to know that doing their best work at all times is how they become successful.  We appreciate your support in the expectation that your child will achieve success. 



    Please know that the Liberty leadership team and staff is committed to and appreciates the opportunity to work with your child and with you so that your child’s time at Liberty is a positive and rewarding experience.
Last Modified on September 16, 2019