Times of uncertainty can be difficult for children and adults alike.  In times of uncertainty, it is important to remember to that there are simple techniques you can use to manage fear or anxiety.

    Techniques to try:

    Sitting with your back straight and and shoulders back, slowly inhale through your nose, filling your lungs completely, hold air in your lungs for a slow count of five (or more/longer) and then slowly exhale through your mouth.  Repeat several times.

    While sitting or lying comfortably, close your eyes and make your mind blank.  Try to stay still.  You can focus your attention on your nose, but if images or thoughts enter your mind, mentally swip them away and clear your thoughts.  Try to do this technique for several minutes or more at a time.

    If you are having trouble with worried thoughts, you can 'change the channel' by making yourself focus on your favorite relaxing place or activity, or making yourself think about things that make you happy.

    Any type of exercise can help you feel less fear or anxiety.  Ride a bike, jump rope, do jumping jacks, go for a walk or run.  The internet has many helpful videos to get you moving or even yoga videos to help you relax.


    Support at Home for Children in Crisis

Last Modified on July 29, 2020