•  Little Mill Middle School

    Grading and Reporting Policy



    Because we believe that all children deserve the right to learn and we are committed to measuring the mastery of content standards for every subject area, the following policies shall be followed by all staff at Little Mill Middle School:

    A formative assessment is given while the learning is taking place and can be graded or non-graded.  The purpose of a formative assessment is to inform the teacher, student, and parents of how the student is progressing toward mastery of the standard.

    A summative assessment is given at the end of a unit to measure student mastery of the standard(s) that were taught. 

    Units will vary by grade-level and subject area.  The table below shows the average number of assessments that can be expected through the year.


    Year-long Courses

    (Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies)

    Connection Courses

    (9 Week or Semester)


    3-4 per summative


    3-4  per summative


    Minimum of 5 per semester


    Minimum of 3 per semester


Last Modified on June 1, 2018