2020- 2021 Health & PE Staff


    Our team consists of:


    Chris Baker -  Teaches 8th grade health, 6th weight training, and 7th General PE. Chris is the athletic director, 8th grade girls basketball coach, and golf coach. He works with Coach L. Godfree in leading the eagle pride program and hosts intramurals.


    Edie Baronian -  Teaches 6th & 7th grade Health and 8th PE as well as hosts intramurals. Coach B is the basketball cheer coach. 


    Lewis Godfree - Teaches 8th grade General PE, 7th Weight Training, and 6th Health. Coach Godree is the head football coach and coaches track. 


    Kevin Waddell - Teaches 8th grade Weight Training, 7th Health and 6th General PE. Kevin is the head basketball coach for both the 7th and 8th grade boys' teams. He also hosts intramurals.


    Cheryl Stock - Teaches 8th grade Health and 7th & 6th General PE. She coaches track with Coach Godfree, Coach James, and Coach Buning. Coach Stock leads the running club along with Coach James, is the Assistant A.D., and hosts intramurals. 


    2020 - 2021 SFMS PE SYLLABUS



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